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MIT Reality Hack - January 16-20, 2020

We propel the potentials of spacial computing to better the world. Using emerging technologies, virtual, augmented, and mixed realities, we bring creatives, builders, do-ers, industry leaders, students, learners, professionals, and change makers to make an impact. 



Open to all citizens of the world.  Participants must apply as individuals.  Teams will be formed at the event.

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$6,000 in prizes

Best of AR

BEST in AR: $3,000
Best use of Augmented Reality in an innovative and creative way - not only considering design and functionality, but also for attention to user experiences and practical use

Best of VR

The project that creates the best overall virtual reality experience, whether through a game, narrative, industry tool, or other type of experience. This looks for the most well designed VR project.

Best use of Nreal Light

Best application to Accessibility [Sponsored by Microsoft]

Some of the most impactful uses of the XR space are tools and experiences that impact the differently-abled community. This category is for projects that utilize XR technology to address challenges for the differently-abled and increase accessibility.

Best of Vuforia [Sponsored by PTC]

Be bold. Be creative. Re-think what can be designed. We are looking for an innovative solution that uses Vuforia to connect people more closely to other people and the world around them. Use AR to bridge the gap between the physical and digital to make an experience with real-world impacts.

Film Festival/Storytelling[Sponsored by VRTO]

This new category is for projects that push the edges of XR storytelling. From fiction, non-fiction, video, audio, or some new combination of media, we want to see how the diverse tools in the XR space can be used for a Film Festival worthy experience.

The Wild West

This category is for the renegade hackers. No rules apply. Bring your wackiest custom hardware, home-made headsets, and everything else your heart desires. Explore uncharted territory to experiment in XR.

Best in Tools (2)

Helping Creators Create— This new category is focused on tools that facilitate creative exploration and design. We're looking for XR projects that can be leveraged to increase effectiveness of existing creative practice or that enable new forms of production.

Best Application of Data Visualization

We have come a long way from the limitations of charts and graphs to articulate data sets. This category is for projects that push the bounds of data visualization even further by finding unique and insightful ways to take complex data and bring them to life.

Learning, Education, and Research [Sponsored by HP]

XR tools offer immense opportunities for learning, education, and research. Learning can be done in social, exploratory, and game-based ways, all of which can make concepts more broadly accessible. Researchers can use similar tools to gain new insights into their topics of study. This category looks for compelling uses of XR technologies for learning, in formal and informal settings, and for all ages and skill levels.

Most Fun!

Plain and simple, let's have some fun! This category is for the XR game or experience that allows users to have a blast!

Logistics, Training, Productivity [Sponsored by PTC]

XR tools are being used for increasing productivity all over the world. Whether through training simulations, warehouse management, medical application, we're looking for experiences that can increase productivity from the small project to the massive industrial space.

Everyday XR

XR applications that impact everyday tasks and scenarios from e-commerce to daily commute to going to a restaurant.

Social Good [Sponsored by MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality]

How can we use XR and imagination to create positive social impact? How can we leverage this technology to help improve our lives and address some broader social or environmental issues. The artful pursuit of social good, backed by a humanistic ethos will help build a positive future.

Health and Wellness + Medical

From AR get well cards to guided meditation, to VR exercise games, we've seen great projects over the years that facilitate a healthier lifestyle. This category is for experience that push us to think differently about health and wellness or facilitate self-care or care for others.

Future Mobility: UX and new interaction methods [Sponsored by Volvo Cars]

Volvo Cars Vision is Freedom to Move in a Personal, Safe and Sustainable way. XR plays a huge role in redefining and innovating mobility: the way we interact with future self driving cars, or services that are around Mobility. XR helps us to experience edge cases, future scenarios, and simulate safety use cases, that can put the user in different context to understand the technologies found in current and future cars. This category focuses on the use of Volvo Open Innovation Platform in Beta version to create experiences around Personalisation and Safely.

Best Use of Eye Tracking [Sponsored by HTC Vive] (2)

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